Flow Rack for Plastic Tote Boxes
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This flow rack design allows both ''first-in, first-out'' (FIFO) inventory flow and tote box return via the lower rack. Enabling human packers to quickly and efficiently complete their tasks while being supplied with a collaborative robot.

What is a Flow Rack?
This gravity-powered design offers several advantages over traditional static shelving or pallet racking, making them a popular choice for warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities. Here are some of the key benefits of flow racks:

Increased Space Efficiency:
Flow racks can store up to twice the number of storage units in the same footprint compared to selective pallet racking. This is because they utilize vertical space more effectively and eliminate the need for wide aisles between racks.

Improved Inventory Control:
The ''first-in, first-out'' (FIFO) inventory flow ensures that older products are used first, preventing stock obsolescence and spoilage. This is particularly beneficial for perishable goods or products with limited shelf lives.

Enhanced Picking Productivity:
Products are always readily accessible at the front of the rack, minimizing picker travel time and effort. This can lead to significant increases in picking speed and order fulfillment accuracy.

Reduced Labor Costs:
The efficient design of flow racks can reduce labor requirements for both picking and restocking tasks. This can lead to cost savings in the long run.

Improved Safety:
Flow racks reduce the need to transport goods within the storage lanes, reducing the risk of accidents and product damage.

Flow racks are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate different product weights, sizes, and volumes. They can also be combined with other storage systems for maximum flexibility.

Additional benefits:
Reduced damage to products: Since items gently roll forward on the rollers, there is less chance of them being bumped or dropped compared to traditional shelving.
Easier restocking: Products can be quickly and easily loaded onto the back of the rack, minimizing downtime and disruption to picking operations.
Improved organization: Flow racks can help to keep inventory organized and readily accessible, which can improve overall warehouse efficiency.

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